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Okay seriously, is it just me or do Tumblr videos never fucking work? Never. Plays 0.7 seconds then FAILURE. Is it just my shit computer or are other people getting this too?

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October 23

A very creepy and addicting series based on slenderman! Marble Hornets is about an indepent film maker who starts being followed by slenderman. After giving the film to a friend the indi producer dissapears. It’s now up to his friend to unravel the mystery surrounding the slederman, his friends dissapearence, and why everyone involved is experiencing time loss.

Marble Hornets

lol silly mayfly

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I just recently found this anime, and omigod it’s got to be one of my favorites! Okay, the original japanese anime was about these kids solving ghost phenomenon with the help of a ghost diary left to this one girl by her dead mother. That’s great and all but what makes this anime sooooo amazing is the english dub. When the company decided to make the eng dub they changed the script to make it a comedy. It is soo halarious. For example one character is a phsychic in the original and in the dub she is a fanatical pentacostal christian who used to be a crack whore. XD It just sounds like something me and my friends would do. LOVE IT!

You can watch all 20 episodes in full at!

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MoMa: Museum of Modern Art

This reminded me of the projection rooms in Fatal Frame.

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Video of a hitch hiker.

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