Paranormal Journal 19 

Wow, it’s been foreeeeever since anything has happend. But here you go:

1. My dad drove home from work, got out of his truck, went to the kitchen for a drink, then went back to his truck to leave again. A few moments later he comes in and asks if I’ve seen his keys. But they were gone. They weren’t in the car, in the grass, on the porch, on the key ring, in the kitchen, nowhere. Somewhere between the truck and the kitchen his keys dissapeared. He checked all of his clothes, tore the house and truck apart and finnaly gave up. I gave him my keys and he took my car. He drove to his girlfriends then later that night when he was leaveing, he got in the car and there on the passenger seat (of my car) were his keys. How? I haven’t a clue. I’m just so glad stuff is happening to him now instead of my and my sister! He thought we were crazy XD

2. I’m looking up creepy stuff, and saw something that made me scream then laugh and right as I stopped laugh I heard a quiet HA! I asked my sister if it was her but she was half asleep in her room with the door closed and couldn’t hear me O_o No more creepy stuff tonight.

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This is absolutely true!

 OMG yes XD


This is absolutely true!

 OMG yes XD

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Paranormal Journal 18 


I heard a noise in the other room of my house and a few minutes later my dog began to act strange. He went out into the hallway and started staring up at the ceiling then after a while he stared down behind him like he was watching something move. I got up and looked but couldnt see anything. He was right by my sisters door so I opened it up and it was definatly a good 10 degrees colder in her room. I started to get a bit nervous untill I checked her window and found that it wasn’t sealed properly. I shut the door and went back to my room a litte confused when my dogs ears perked up again, I turned to face the hallway just in time to see a big black fly buzz up to the ceiling. lol, little things like bugs and drafts can seem like spirits and cold spots if you don’t investigate.

#2 Not very impressive


This is a photo my dad took of the guitar he is working on, he was planning to paint a lion on it so he snapped a picture to practice when he saw this “mist” he says it looks like a lions head but personally I don’t see it. I thought at first it was a glare from the instrument but it’s a faded light when a flash should show up bright against the coating. I don’t know I have always found orbs and mists to be less that convincing what do you think?

Ghost Stories From Work 

Yesterday evening housekeeping came up to remove the linens from the bathroom, after a minute or two she came up to the nursing station and asked if anyone was in the bathroom, that the door was locked and when she knocked no one answered. Since we had a patient on fall procautions I was worried that they might have fallen and hit their head in the locked room. I knocked on the door then tried the handle and the door was definatly locked. I knocked again, louder this time, and there was no reply. I tried the handle again but it wouldn’t budge. I then rushed to the main room to count the patients and figure out who was missing. But everyone was there. The nurse went to try the door and it opened right up. No one was inside. Me and the girl from housekeeping tried to open the door but nothing. This place is weird.

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Ghost Hunt 

Going to Trans-Allegheny tonight! Hopfully I’ll get something slightly more impressive than dust orbs and pneumonia, its supposed to be around 30 degrees tonight.

My apologies, the ghost hunt was delayed but I shall be going this weekend! I will report all of my findings (if any) here.

My apologies, the ghost hunt was delayed but I shall be going this weekend! I will report all of my findings (if any) here.

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Paranormal Journal 17 

One or two nights ago (my memory has not been so great lately) I was lying in bed watching my dvd of Fringe waiting to fall asleep. My tv sits in the middle portion of my bookcase; as I’m watching I see something white-ish move from behind my book case downward. I immediatly thought it was light from a car or perhaps I was actually dreaming because my book case is pushed up against the wall, nothing could be behind it. I squint and try to focus on the movement when out away from my bookcase (following the path) I see a ball of white move downward for a second then dissapear. It was and orb, but it was not glowing. I’m not really sure how to explain it. It was almost like a small oval cut out of white paper falling at an angle then dissapearing. I kept staring in that area to try and see it again but it did not repeat. I ran though my dream check list. 1. Where am I? 2. How did I get here? 3. What was I doing before I got here? 4. Can I remember the rest of the day? if I can answer these questions I know that I am awake. (This has proved most helpful in the past, what was happening felt real but off. Then when I try to remember what I was doing earlier I can’t answer the question and realize I am dreaming.) In this case I could answer all the questions, I was awake. I was tired so I supposed I could have nodded off for a second then woke back up. But it was not scary at the time, it was just…strange.

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My Ghost Hunt Needs List 

- Camera with flash

- Video camera with night vision

- Audio recorder

- Small ball (for experiment)

- Chalk (for experiment)

- Back Pack to carry it all

- Water bottle

- BRIGHT tall flashlight (It happens in every horror movie, the people get trapped in somewhere in the dark and all they have to see is a crappy little pen light. Well not this girl, I’m going to be able to see!)

- Copper wire flash light (in case of battery drainage)

Can you think of anything else (and I don’t have the funds for a emf detector soooo….yeah) ?

Going On My First Official Ghost Hunt!

I have gotten the opportunity to investigate Trans-Alleghenny Lunatic Asylum! I am not sure the exact day or time but I know we are going this weekend (probably saterday), just waiting for a phone call. Anywho, anyone who has followed me knows I am a total sucker for horrors and the haunted. I have always wanted to go to a legit haunted location and investigate like a pro. You know: the cameras, audio recorders, night vision, still photogtraphy, experiments…the whole shibang! But, since I am a noobie anyone want to give me a little advice? Hot spots for this location would be great from anyone who has previously investigated, I would also appreciate techniques, specific questions to ask, yada yada yada… But please no seance or conjuring crap I want to live.

Any Ideas?

This is terrifying, fake or not I have chills X_x

This is terrifying, fake or not I have chills X_x

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