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Woah, woah, woah, what? How does no one know about this? O_O

It’s a real life Massive Dynamic…

SERCO What don’t we do? 

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My Funeral Playlist 

So, me and two of my friends were chit chatting about nothing in particular when the subject of funerals came up and long story short we made a playlist of inappropriate songs to play at ones funeral. So far we have:

  1. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor - Drowning Pool
  2. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead - The Wizard of Oz
  3. Highway To Hell - AC/DC
  4. Hot In Here - Nelly
  5. Move Bitch Get Out The Way - Ludacris
  6. Ms New Booty - Bubba Spraxx
  7. Can We Fix It? - Bob The Builder
  8. Tiptoe Through The Tulips - Tiny Tim
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What if I made a hipster blog but only made it look like a hipster blog and in reality it was all fandom stuff that looks like hipster stuff so hipsters would follow me and think what I posted was deep when in reality it’s just a bunch of quotes from Sherlock and Doctor Who and other shows that make me cry

Wait for it

Wait for it

Waaaaaiiiiiit fooooor iiiiiiiit


life is good when people like you exist


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what happens to nitrogen when the sun rises

it becomes daytrogen

I’m going to bed.

good nitrogen

sleep tightrogen

don’t let the bed bugs bitrogen

God damn it this is beautiful

I wish I may, I wish I mightrogen

Have the wish I wish tonitrogen

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I found some salad dressing at the back of my fridge with a use by date of 21/12/12.

I think it’s Mayanaise.

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what do you mean you can’t hang out i showered for this 

i shaved for this

i put a bra on for you.

i got off tumblr for you

i am wearing real pants

I went outside

i got out of bed

i woke up


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it’s eggs benedict. 
in my defense it’s really late.
…i need help.

Yes. Yes you do. But I wont be the one to give it to you.


it’s eggs benedict

in my defense it’s really late.

…i need help.

Yes. Yes you do. But I wont be the one to give it to you.


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Via: sodasnob
Holy shit you guys, I’ve only been gone 6 hours. What have you done to my dash?!

Holy shit you guys, I’ve only been gone 6 hours. What have you done to my dash?!

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Apple introduces the latest advancement in technology 

The iCant. A portable handheld device capable of storing up to 40,000 emotions, that’s 160GB of storage just waiting to hold a wide variety of feelings. And it’s so easy to use! Easily manage your overwhelming emotions by inserting your feels using 4 basic deposit functions: 1. Screaming, 2. Sobbing, 3. Muttering incoherently, or 4. Staring blankly into the screen for a few minutes. The iCant will store these feels until you are emotionally stable enough to attempt handling them. Apple company and all affiliates are not responsible for any mental or physical trauma occurring before, during, or after the feels have been stored. 

Here are just a few of the many many feels you can add to your very own iCant:

Only 5 payments of 19.99! Get yours today! 

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