I really shouldn’t be laughing this hard XD

I really shouldn’t be laughing this hard XD

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OMG 1,000th post O_O I officially have absolutly no life. Hoorah.

OMG 1,000th post O_O I officially have absolutly no life. Hoorah.

lol silly mayfly

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I just recently found this anime, and omigod it’s got to be one of my favorites! Okay, the original japanese anime was about these kids solving ghost phenomenon with the help of a ghost diary left to this one girl by her dead mother. That’s great and all but what makes this anime sooooo amazing is the english dub. When the company decided to make the eng dub they changed the script to make it a comedy. It is soo halarious. For example one character is a phsychic in the original and in the dub she is a fanatical pentacostal christian who used to be a crack whore. XD It just sounds like something me and my friends would do. LOVE IT!

You can watch all 20 episodes in full at hulu.com!

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here’s two! and there’s totally an orb in the first one, at least it looks like an orb. it could be dust but it’s flying upwards so… that’s kind of odd. ANYWHO, here ya go, bud!

I have always said this, as soon as you do something stupid or embaressing on camera you will catch undeniable proof of the paranormal and be too embaressed to show it to anyone XD. I have always had trouble excepting orbs as paranormal activity, only becase it can be explained away more times than not with dust, bugs, lights, camera tricks… this one is particularly interesting tho. It doesn’t look like it flew up from behind him, but more like it comes out of his thumb. Also about three seconds after the orb that black box on the shelf behind him lights up for a second. Pretty cool! Thanks for the gif lol

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