Anonymous whispered: ":) Christmas is growing close! What are your feelings? I'm getting extremely excited!! Do you have any Christmas traditions? How do you spend Christmas Eve? I just love the whole feeling of it! Anyways I hope your Christmas season is great and that you are finding all the happiness you deserve:) merry Christmas my friend! - SS"

Okay so my father LOVES to joke and play pranks, nothing brightens his day more than to know he got away with something devious (even more so if it’s at his children’s expense). When I was little, he told me that every year his father would get a “Christmas Rat” and that they would take a string and tie one end to its tail and the other end to the top of the Christmas tree. He told me and my sister that this rat would run around in circles and climb up and down the tree. They would feed it scraps from the table and cookies with milk all holiday season until it was fat for Christmas day. Then they would cut him down, cook him, and eat him for Christmas dinner. My dumbass child brain totally and completely believed this stupid story for like 10 years. I refused to eat the cut up turkey on Christmas because I was scared to death my father was trying to serve me Christmas Rat. Now, every fucking December, my dad will say things like “Let’s get a Christmas Rat this year!” “This year’s rat is going to be HUGE!” “Mmm bet you can’t wait for Christmas dinner huh?”


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When you want to enlarge an image in a post but it doesn’t enlarge


i hate you

fuck you

Or when you cant tell if its a frozen gif or a jpg

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