This is absolutely true!

 OMG yes XD


This is absolutely true!

 OMG yes XD

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Paranormal Journal 18 


I heard a noise in the other room of my house and a few minutes later my dog began to act strange. He went out into the hallway and started staring up at the ceiling then after a while he stared down behind him like he was watching something move. I got up and looked but couldnt see anything. He was right by my sisters door so I opened it up and it was definatly a good 10 degrees colder in her room. I started to get a bit nervous untill I checked her window and found that it wasn’t sealed properly. I shut the door and went back to my room a litte confused when my dogs ears perked up again, I turned to face the hallway just in time to see a big black fly buzz up to the ceiling. lol, little things like bugs and drafts can seem like spirits and cold spots if you don’t investigate.

#2 Not very impressive


This is a photo my dad took of the guitar he is working on, he was planning to paint a lion on it so he snapped a picture to practice when he saw this “mist” he says it looks like a lions head but personally I don’t see it. I thought at first it was a glare from the instrument but it’s a faded light when a flash should show up bright against the coating. I don’t know I have always found orbs and mists to be less that convincing what do you think?

My Ghost Hunt Needs List 

- Camera with flash

- Video camera with night vision

- Audio recorder

- Small ball (for experiment)

- Chalk (for experiment)

- Back Pack to carry it all

- Water bottle

- BRIGHT tall flashlight (It happens in every horror movie, the people get trapped in somewhere in the dark and all they have to see is a crappy little pen light. Well not this girl, I’m going to be able to see!)

- Copper wire flash light (in case of battery drainage)

Can you think of anything else (and I don’t have the funds for a emf detector soooo….yeah) ?

Going On My First Official Ghost Hunt!

I have gotten the opportunity to investigate Trans-Alleghenny Lunatic Asylum! I am not sure the exact day or time but I know we are going this weekend (probably saterday), just waiting for a phone call. Anywho, anyone who has followed me knows I am a total sucker for horrors and the haunted. I have always wanted to go to a legit haunted location and investigate like a pro. You know: the cameras, audio recorders, night vision, still photogtraphy, experiments…the whole shibang! But, since I am a noobie anyone want to give me a little advice? Hot spots for this location would be great from anyone who has previously investigated, I would also appreciate techniques, specific questions to ask, yada yada yada… But please no seance or conjuring crap I want to live.

Any Ideas?

Photo Analysis 


Alright, here is my analysis of the picture above. I believe that the mans white shirt can be explained by a glare of light, which I have circled in blue. The glare shows up in several different places such as the hood, the border to the window, and the womans leg. All of these glares match the angle and shade of the mans white shirt. In the photo it appears that the man is either wearing a hat or has a head of dark hair, but if you follow the color (outlined in red) upwards it looks as if something is hanging from the ceiling of the helicopter. Perhaps an air mask, mirror, or some technical part of the air craft. The only thing that I cannot find an explaination for is the mans face. The color of the panel and the face overlapping it are two similar but different colors. Also if you look to the right of the “hat” it seems that the color of the face continues upward. So this could be a shadow or an object but I honestly cannot find an alternative that I am comfortable enough to say proves that this is not a head. But, since I can safly say that the shirt and hat can be explained away, it is in my opinion that this photograph is simply an optical illusion.