elissacouslands replied to your post:that’s…a lot of money :o

the american education system sounds terrifying tbh :/

You know what’s worse? I don’t even have a degree yet.

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elissacouslands whispered: "that's...a lot of money :o"

Putting students in crippling debt since 1635

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College textbooks more like the blood and tears of students amirite.

I know that feel

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Why does it take actual effort to sound calm and normal during phone calls.

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what if your webcam was on right now and was broadcasting in Times Square

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Herbs herbs herbs! For all your reference, spell making and craft needs.

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I want this on a shirt


I want this on a shirt

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parental figure: “sit like a lady”



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We’re not the same, dear, as we used to be

Shadows settle on the place, that you left

You are my sweetest downfall

I’m a cloud drifting by

Someday my pain will mark you

I kind of really like this a lot

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